27 August 2012

Ermioni Panaghia Festival

The floral Epitaphios
The blessing of the bread
Epitaphios carried through the village
Brought back to the chur
Blessed bread given out
Holy pictures given out

The largest celebration in Greece to the Holy Virgin is the Dormition, or Assumption, which is 14/15 August.  In the old village of Ermioni, there is a church named Panaghia, so this annual August feast has an extra special meaning, and many people from all over Greece attend.  Mass starts in the evening of 14 August, followed by a candle lit procession.  The floral Epitaphios is carried through the village, down to the harbour front, then back to the church.  Once back at the church, people pass under the Epitaphios, back into the church where a blessing is given by the priests, followed by the giving out of the blessed bread.

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