27 August 2012

Ermioni Ionian Evening

Because Ermioni is a small town, it is interesting to note that still today, cultural events are performed.  On a warm summers evening, the grounds of the Dimos was packed by the local community on Saturday 18 August, to watch a performance, which illustrated their Ionian cultural roots, which followed the tragic Smyrna disaster in 1922.  Following an exchange of populations, many refugees settled in and around Ermioni, bringing with them their Ionian traditions, music and songs.  The evening showed historic images and voices from Asia Minor and Ermioni from the early 20th C.  Traditional songs, poetry, music and dances were performed in remembrance of events 90 years ago.

Little is written about Ermioni in any guidebooks, but it is a super place to visit, to enjoy and experience what the community has to offer.  Throughout the year, there is a full calendar of events, from religious ceremonies, to traditional cultural events.  Many sought after traditional holiday houses are available to rent for the holiday maker, which all add to the charm of spending a great holiday in a perfect Greek location.  For those who wish to consider investing within the region, there are also some great places to buy, from land, to villas, to traditional Greek houses or renovation projects.


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