26 August 2012

The annual festival of St Peter and St Paul at Iliokastro

 St Peter and St Paul
The blessing of bread
Start of the procession
Blessings by the priests

On the 28 June, in the mountainous village of Iliokastro, which is 9 kms from Ermioni, one can enjoy the annual festival of St Peter and St Paul, which takes place in the evening in the local village square. The local villages gather, people from the surrounding towns visit, all to enjoy this beautiful religious occasion.  Following the church service, there is a procession by everyone attending around the village, accompanied by a brass band. After the procession, the people return to the church for the final blessings and the giving out of blessed bread, and enjoy drinks, all made by the local people.  The small street is lined with market stalls, tavernas are filled with music, singing and dancing takes place and it is an evening to enjoy the cultural religious event with the local community.  

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