04 May 2012

Monastery of Agios Dimitrious Avgou

If you are adventurous and want to explore somewhere off the beaten track, with spectacular scenery, then the Monastery of Agios Dimirtious Avgou (of the egg), is a must.  A perfect example of rock monastery, which was built into the imposing rocks of the surrounding countryside. Situated 40 kms from Ermioni, the monastery can be found just after the village of Pelei, which is off the main Ermioni to Epidavros road.  It is perched on a steep rock on the northern side of Mount Didyma, by the Charadrokoilad Radou river, but above the small settlement of Pelei.  It was originally built in the mid 11th Century, but closed down in 1883, when King Otton passed a series of anti-church measures.  The surviving frescoes which are still visible today in the small cave, east of the central rock, date back to the 11th Century.    This abandoned monastery is open for interior viewing, but if you should visit, then please close the door when you leave.  You will note that there is on going renovation work within the monastery, all devoted by the people of Didyma.  Therefore there is also electricity supply.  The view from the top floor rood is truly amazing.  

The drive from the main road is 7 kms.  Extreme care must be taken when driving along this rough stony secondary road, which is hugely unsuitable for vehicles with low ground clearance. Some people may therefore, choose to walk the remaining distance and enjoy the far reaching spectacular views across the valley.  There are signs to the store house and monastery.  Sensible footwear is a must and plenty of water.  The inconvenience is well worth the visit.  The scenery breathtaking and a wonderful place for spiritual sanctuary.

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