11 March 2012

Holiday rental - Apartment in country hamlet - 6 kms from Ermioni

Apostolis Lodge - Sleeps 4 - Peaceful village hamlet - Sea views
Situated in a small country hamlet, 6 kms from Ermioni, one will find Apostolis Lodge.  Peace, tranquillity and the beach on your doorstep, what more can a holiday maker want?  The owners will make everyone welcomed.  Greece is still a perfectly safe place to visit, regardless of the economic climate. The holiday rentals for most has declined, which is sad.  The country has so much to offer, is beautiful and has lots to offer the holiday maker. Demonstrations may take place, but most demonstrations are peaceful.  It is a small group of anarchists who want to disrupt everything.  The Greek people are suffering: job losses, reduction in salaries and more. Their whole lives have changed and these changes will continue.  People should not abandon Greece as a destination.  I would like to see people support Greek tourism.  One place which is well worth a visit is Ermioni.  Undiscovered, charming and a great place from which to explore many historical sites, besides visiting some of the fine beaches that surround the area.


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