30 March 2012

The pine cladded Bisti

The island town of Ermioni is split into three sections.  The port of Limania is located on the northern side of the peninsula, with the lively Mandraki on the southern side.  Then at the far end of the town, at the eastern point, there is the pine cladded area, which is called the Bisti.  Along the Bisti, one can enjoy leisurely walks at any time of the day, as there is plenty of shade from the sun.  One can sit on one of the benches and just read and ponder, or just relax. Then for the ones that want to do something more energetic, one can swim in the crystal blue sea, or find a nice secluded rocky cove, which overlooks the islands of Dokos and Hydra.   The sea surrounds the town of Ermioni, from three sides, hence Ermioni being often referred to as an 'island' town.  

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